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  • "Do I have to be a member to shoot here?""
    No, shooting at Independence is open to the public. Anyone legally allowed to handle firearms is welcome to participate out our facility. Althought, membership at Independence has its perks and will save you a lot of money on range fees if you plan to shoot more than once a month. Please see all our membership options on our website under the "Range" menu option.
  • "Can I, or do I have to make reservations to use your range?""
    - Here at Independence, our range is first come first serve. However, reservations can be made for special events or groups of 8 or more. Please check in at our "Range Check-In" counter.
  • "May I bring my own firearm(s) to shoot at your range?""
    - Yes! However we ask that you keep your firearm cased or holstered when entering our store. If you do not have a case for your firearm, we have several that you can use while at our range, just ask a representative at our "Range Check-In" counter. We also have several rental firearms that you can experience in case you want to try something new or bring a friend that does not own a gun.
  • "How long may I stay and shoot at your range?""
    - When you rent a lane on our range, you rent it for the day. However if we are super busy and have guests waiting to use the range, we will limit you to only using the range for 1 hour. You can always come back after without having to pay again, we just ask that everyone waits their turn and everyone gets a chance to use our range.
  • " What is the largest caliber you allow on your range?""
    - All of our ranges (both 25 yard and 100 yard ranges) are rated from .22 cal all the way up to .50 BMG.
  • "Do you have any ammo limitations?""
    - We do not allow the use of black powder, steel-core, armor-piercing, incendiary, tracers or any type of "Non-conventional" ammo. If you are not sure what type of ammo you have please ask one of our staff members.
  • "May I use your rental guns with my ammo?""
    - Unfortuanatly you have to use factory new ammo in our rental guns purchased at Independence. We ask that when you shoot our guns, you shoot our ammo. This is the only way we can make sure the ammunition used in our rental guns in factory new manucatured. We have seen even factory remanafucatured ammunition damage firearms.
  • "May I draw from a holster at your range?""
    - Yes! However we do have a holster certification process. Just ask any representative to be holster certified. If you are active law enforcement or military and carry and train regularly as part of your employment, you will not need to go though our holster certification process. Please notify our staff members at the "Range Check-In" counter when every you want to draw from holster.
  • "Can I shoot my shotgun at your range?" "
    -We allow you to shoot your shotguns at our range, as long as you are using buck-shot or slugs. No fowl shot.
  • "What are the age limits for firearm rentals?""
    - You must be 21 to rent handguns, full-autos and suppressors, however you can rent non-full-autos, bolt action and shotguns at 18. You can shoot full-autos at 18 however they have to be rented by someone over the age of 21.
  • "What do I need to purchase a firearm in the state of Idaho? Is there a waiting period?""
    - A drivers license with valid address on it, or some sort of state issued proof of residency is required. The state of Idaho does NOT have a waiting period for buying a firearm, from the time you make the decision to purchase your firearm, we can have the proper forms completed and you can leave with your firearm within about 20-30 mins.
  • "Can I shoot at your range if I'm from another state/country?""
    - Our range is open to the public and we do allow people from all over the world to shoot at our range. All we ask is that you fill out our waiver and follow our safety rules.
  • "How old do you have to be to shoot at your range?" "
    -Our recommended age for participating in our range is 8 years old. We have allowed kids younger into our range with experience. Kids must follow all our range rules, must be under complete adult suppervision, and be well behaved in the range. We have several youth shooting classes and a league for kids to particpate in.
  • "I found a firearm I'd like to purchase on your website, can you hold it for me?""
    - Our website is made up of all of our distributors inventory and is not an accurate representation of our in-store, or on hand inventory. Firearms purchased on our website our shipped immediatly to our store. We can you within one business day to pick up your order.
  • "What do I need to bring in to purchase a silencer/NFA item?" "
    -You must have: A valid government issued ID with your current address on it. 2 Passport photos. Your form of payment for the $200 SOT Tax Stamp. Check, Monye Order, Cashiers Check, Credit Card. We can provide fingerprints cards here. We will also help prepare all your forms and mail them to the NFA Branch for you.
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