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Independence Indoor Shooting facilitates the transfer of firearms & NFA items  from other Federal Firearms License holders for our customers and members.  We ask that you take the following steps below to make sure your transfer process is successful: 

  1. Please have the transferring FFL dealer send an email to and include the following information:

        o  Your contact information including your name, email address, and phone number (We will need this to get               in touch with you when your firearm is ready to be transferred to you)

        o   Please include in the email any corresponding transaction #, or invoice # if applicable. 

        o  Information about the firearm being transferred including; make, model and serial number

        o  A copy of the selling dealer’s Federal Firearms License.

    2. We will promptly respond and provide the required information and a copy of our Federal Firearms License. 

    3. We recommend you to get a tracking number for your firearm from the shipping dealer. Independence                    takes no responsibility for tracking shipments

    4. Once Independence Indoor shooting has received your firearm, it will take 1-3 business days to enter the                firearm into our system and have it ready for transfer to you. We will contact you when the firearm is ready to            be picked up.

    5. When you arrive to pick up your firearm, you will be required to complete an ATF form 4473 and we will                   conduct the background check. You will need to provide state issued identification with your current address. 

    6. Independence Indoor Shooting charges a transfer fee for conducting the transfer:

            o  $50 per firearm for non-members.  

            o  $100 per NFA Item for non-members.  (This is typically a year long process with additional paperwork                        long term storage, but includes access to use on the range) 

            o  Free for members. 

    7. Upon successful completion of the background check and payment of transfer fees, the firearm will be                      transferred to you.

    8. Firearms and/or items transferred to Independence that have not been picked up by the customer after                  nine(9) months will be considered abandoned. Independence will claim ownership of those items. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Independence Indoor Shooting send firearm transfers to other FFL’s?

    • Yes, our same transfer fee structure applies for outbound transfers plus the actual cost of shipping. 

    • We reserve the right to decline outbound transfers and we do not transfer to California

  •  Am I able to get a copy of Independence Indoor Shooting's FFL to send to the seller?

    • No, we will only send a copy of our FFL to other licensed dealers.

  • Why have I not been contacted even though freight tracking shows that the firearm was delivered to Independence Indoor Shooting?

    • Depending on the volume of transfers we receive, when the firearm is delivered, it takes us one (1) business days to enter the firearm into our system, but may take up to 1-2 more additional days to to get it ready to start the transfer procedure with you. We are unable to transfer any firearm that is not properly received into our system. If the selling dealer has not provided us with your contact information we are unable to contact you. We are unable to process a transfer without proper ATF required documentation from the seller and Independence Indoor Shooting reserves the right to return any firearm to the selling dealer at our sole discretion. It is a violation of Federal law to transfer a firearm without proper documentation.

  • What if the firearm is damaged in shipment?

    • Independence Indoor Shooting takes no responsibility for firearms damaged during shipping, warranties,  or repair of the firearms.

  • Will Independence Indoor Shooting facilitate private party firearm transfers?

    • Yes, both parties must be present with the proper identification. 

    • There is a $50 Private Party Transfer Fee. 

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