Foundational Firearms Training Overview

Step #1

New Firearm Owner Tutorial

  • Choosing a Firearm
  • Firearm Fundamentals
  • Becoming a Responsible Firearm Owner
  • Firearm Training Steps 

Step #2

Basic Pistol or Women's-only Basic Pistol

  • Grip 
  • Stance
  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Press
  • Range Time

Recommended Step

Home Safety for the Family

  • Home security considerations
  • Firearms safety and securement
  • Retreat plans
  • Area specific crime statistics

Recommended Step

NRA Range Safety Officer certification 

  • Firearms Safety
  • Established and Improvised Range Considerations
  • Emergency Range Equipment
  • Attitude Considerations

Skills Refresher Opportunities

Foundation Refresher Courses

  • Basic Pistol
  • Intermediate Pistol
  • Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry
  • Retention and Speed Shooting

Concealed Carry Legal Refresher

  • Idaho Specific Legal Considerations
  • New Laws Addressed

Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Retired Law Enforcement Officer carry recertification

  • Agency Specific Certifications
  • Re-qualify to Carry Throughout the United States 

Product Classes


  • Shotgun Defensive Loads
  • Handgun Defensive Loads

Gun Storage and Safety Equipment

  • Gun Safes