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Rifle Marksmanship

Class Duration:

  • 2 Hours (Classroom)
  • 1-2 Hours (Range)

Class Cost: $100.00 


Mike Perkins (Click here to view Mike's bio)

Class Description:

This class will be held in the classroom as well as on the range. Students will attend the scheduled classroom session for the discussion in the theory of rifle marksmanship. At the end of class, students will schedule a time with the instructor to receive semi-private instruction on the range.

In this course, students will develop a working knowledge of the following concepts:

Hunting Rifle Set-up:

  • Scope mounting
  • Trigger tuning
  • Action bedding
  • Free-floating a barrel
  • Stock fit

Scope Use:

  • Minute of Angle (MOA)
  • Milliradian (MIL)
  • Diopter
  • Parallax
  • Elevation and windage adjustments
  • Reticles


  • Choosing a bullet
  • Ballistic Coefficient (BC)
  • Internal, external, and terminal ballistics

Fundamentals of Shooting:

  • Aiming
  • Holding
  • Trigger squeeze

Environmental Effects:

  • Temperature
  • Elevation
  • Light
  • Humidity

Items Needed for Class:

  • A positive attitude
  • A pencil and notepad