Range Minded - Episode 24 - The Visitor From Chicago Shoots An AR-15 For The Very First Time

In this episode of Range Minded, Mark has a family member from Chicago visit the shop, and she’s never fired and AR-15 before. In fact, her only experience with one is what she’s seen on the news…so naturally, Steve, Ricky, and Mark tell her what shooting an AR-15 is really like, get her out on the range to see what she thinks, and she asks a ton of great questions on training, CCW, and more. This episode really goes to show that education can conquer fear, every time.

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US Law Shield

Sutherland Springs, TX Shooting

Range Minded - Episode 23 - The "Young Guns" Documentary

When you think of your average gun owner, you may think of an older or middle-aged man. But as time goes on, young people are getting more and more into firearms, especially concealed carry. Steve, Ricky, and Mark dive into a special report called "Young Guns" from newsy.com, and that leads to conversation about young people in the firearms world in general, and what we can do to get more people (young and old) involved in the shooting sports.

Newsy Documentary: "Young Guns"

Newsy "Young Guns" Article

Bearing Arms: Younger Gun Owners More Likely to Embrace Concealed Carry

News 5 Cleveland: Younger Gun Owners Embrace Concealed Carry

Stanford University Concealed Carry Study

Range Minded - Episode 22 - The Florida Incidents & NPR Report

There's a lot more that goes into CCW than just strapping a gun on your waist and walking out the door. In this episode, Steve, Ricky, and Mark highlight two incidents that happen in Florida about why it's so important to go through the mental training of carrying a firearm. They also touch on active shooter situations, and the NICS background check, and finish the episode with a study from NPR which uncovered that not all gun violence reporting is as true as it seems, and why you need to do your own independent research on news and information.

Florida Uber Driver (and CCW permit holder) shoots man

Jeff Cooper's Color Codes

NPR's Report: "The School Shootings That Weren't"

Center for Crime Prevention "Botched" Study on US Mass Shootings

Range Minded - Episode 21 - The IFAK

One of the most overlooked but important parts of a shooting range bag is the Individual first aid kid, or IFAK, as it's known. Steve, Ricky, and Mark take apart Steve's first-aid kit to go over what an IFAK is, what exactly goes into an IFAK, and why you should carry one in your kit.

TCCC Classes

PSI to mm/hg conversion - note that a normal blood pressure is equivalent to about 2 or 3 PSI.

Stop The Bleed Campaign

New Mexico Man Trained Kids To Commit School Shootings


Range Minded - Episode 20 - The NRA Carry Guard, And Other Concealed Carry Tips

Steve and Mark are reunited with Ricky after his two week training/vacation. During his time away, Ricky trained with the NRA in their new Carry Guard class, so he shares his biggest takeaways from the class, and how he's going to adapt his classes to the Carry Guard training. Plus, Steve and Ricky try to convince Mark to try appendix carry.

NRA Carry Guard

300th Parallel: Appendix Carry for the larger person

Florida Convenience Store Shooting Surveillance Video

Florida Man Involved in Convenience Store Shooting Threatened People Before Shooting

Range Minded - Episode 18 - The Best Gadgets (And Worst Gimmicks) of the Gun World

It seems like the gun world is filled with all kinds of gadgets, gizmos, and gimmicks to make you shoot better, keep you safer, or make life easier. In this episode, while Ricky is away, Steve and Mark go over some of the more popular types of gadgets and gizmos, with no shortage of opinions and jokes, and decide whether or not they're worth adding to your collection.

Range Minded - Episode 15 - The Bill Hanley Interview

Steve, Ricky, and Mark interview Bill Hanley, one of the firearms instructors at Independence Indoor Shooting, who has served in the Marine Corps, and spent many years as a police officer. Bill shares a few things with us from his huge wealth of knowledge and experience, including how to start training with a firearm, the thought process behind how classes are laid out, and what he loves most about training people to safely enjoy shooting.

If you want to sign up for a class at Independence Indoor shooting, find our full class list here!

Range Minded - Episode 10 - The New FBI Report


Recently, the FBI released a report on active shooter situations that happened in 2016 and 2017. Ricky and Mark discuss the stats in the report, expand on the conclusions drawn by the FBI, and talk about what the report means for the average citizen.


FBI Report: Active Shooter Incidents in the US: 2016-2017

Top Takeaways from the Latest FBI Report on Active Shooters

FBI Report: Prepared Citizens Crucial to Stopping Active Shooters

CBS News - FBI Report: Active Shootings 2017 More Than Any Other Year On Record

FBI Report - More Than 900 Died in Active Shooter Situations

USA Today: Active Shooter Increase in 2017

New Year's Even Sexual Assaults in Germany

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