I hope I'm not the only shooter that saw Jurassic World and had to get my hands on that Marlin 1895, Lever Action, 45-70.  Running around shooting dinosaurs with a big game tracking rifle, ONLY IN MY DREAMS! Well we have the next best thing! 

At Independence Indoor Shooting we have created the JURASSIC EXPERIENCE. You can rent the same Marlin 45-70, and let T-Rex have it on our dinosaur targets. We also have a Magnum Research BFR (Big Frame Revolver) that shoots the same round.  

Shooting the marlin was awesome! The recoil wasn't bad at all, and its a nice gun to hold in your hands. Loading it is unique, it has this cowboy/old west type feeling. 

I am man enough to say that I was a bit nervous anticipating the recoil on the BFR. To my surprise it didn't hurt or tattoo my forehead. It was definitely a cool experience to shoot that handgun. See the round comparison, the 45-70 is the one on the right.

Watch the video below for the fun on our range. 

-R. Later