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Advanced Low-Light Training for Pistol, Carbine, and shotgun

Note: Due to the highly advanced skills that are taught in this course, we would ask that all interested parties register only after completing the course pre-requsites which are listed below. Thank you.

Class Duration: 4 Hours

Class Cost: $170.00

Prerequisite: Intermediate Pistol, and Advanced Tactical Pistol/Carbine 

Class Description:

Due to the high likelihood that self-defense decisions will take place during low-light conditions, it is extremely important that all people who carry a firearm for self-defense train with that firearm in low light conditions.

For this reason, students enrolled in these courses will:  

  • Develop more advanced decision making skills (gaze control)
  • Develop proficiency in manipulating a firearm without sight
  • Receive instruction in flashlight selection
  • Learn how to properly utilize handheld lights
  • Learn how to properly utilize weapon mounted lights
  • Learn how to properly utilize lasers
  • Develop more advanced proficiency in movement
  • Develop more advanced proficiency in the use of cover and concealment
  • Learn how to properly maneuver through obstacles, inspect surroundings, identify and disengage potential threats while utilizing handheld and weapon-mounted lights
  • Better understand how to properly use the disorienting effects of light

Items Needed for Class:

  • A handgun of choice (preferably a firearm that has a picatinny rail) 
  • Strong-side outside-the-waistband Holster
  • Rifle sling (if using a carbine or shotgun)
  • Magazine Pouches
  • At least 2 Magazines
  • Speed Loaders (if available)
  • 350 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Handheld Light (preferably at least 60 lumens)
  • Weapon-Mounted Light (if available)
  • Hearing Protection and Eye Protection
  • Snacks and water