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Note: Due to the nature and cost to run this course, Independence Indoor Shooting Range reserves the right to reschedule this course in the event of low enrollment (6 students minimum).
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Blunt force & high velocity trauma management

Class Duration: 4 Hours 

Class Cost: $90.00 

Class Description:

With expert guidance, students in this course will learn how to appropriately apply tourniquets, hemostatic agents, and pressure dressings to stop massive bleeding. With this knowledge, students can look forward to being prepared to save lives no matter where they may be, be it in the city, back country, airports, marathons, etc. 

The application of chest seals and the proper establishment of an open airway will also be covered in this course.

Items Needed for Class:

A pencil and notepad 

The Activity Group's medical kit (optional; this kit can be purchased in Independence's main retail area)

Water and snacks.