Do you, or have you ever wanted to, carry a firearm for defense?


Because it is important to train as realistically as possible with the firearm that you have chosen to carry for self-defense, we have designed this competition to give you just that opportunity. Although simulated scenarios will never equal an actual deadly-force encounter, it is nevertheless important to raise the level of anxiety when training for these unfortunate realities. Shooting competitions are avenue of doing this. 


In this competition, competitors will find various scenarios that have been adapted from real-world deadly-force encounters. During and after these competitions, shooters will be more able to discern the specific skills that they will need improve upon.  

Each competitor will be assessed by the amount of time that it took for them to complete the stage. Because many of these stages will be assessed with the use of a par time on a shot timer, we will score the stages as either a "prevail" or "non-prevail." The shooter with the most amount of "prevail" stages will be declared the winner.

TIME: 2 Hours (Single Session)

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FEE: $15.00





  • Understanding of the safety rules and range commands:

  • Safety is the primary goal during these competitions, therefore, a cold range is strictly enforced. To help maintain a cold range, shooters are required to observe the following procedures and policies.

  • One's failure to observe these procedures and policies will disqualify them from the competitions at Independence Indoor Shooting.

  • The following safety breeches are all grounds for a person's immediate disqualification from the competition and expulsion from the range.

  • Not observing the range officer's commands

  • A negligent discharge

  • Breaking the 180-degree firing line

  • "muzzling" or "flagging" another with a firearm

  • Handling a firearm behind the firing line and during a no shoot period (cold range)

  • Below are the range commands to become familiar with:

  • "Shooters to the Line"

  • Shooters that were "on deck" move to the firing line.

  • "Load, Make Ready"

  • shooters unholster or uncase their firearms.

  • Shooters load their firearms.

  • Shooters assume the low ready position.

  • "Shooter's Ready?"

  • No response necessary

  • If "no", shout it loud enough for the RSO to hear

  • "Standby"

  • Shooters wait for the signal to begin engaging their targets 

  • "Fire" or Audible Buzz from Shot Timer

  • Shooters engage their targets 

  • "Winner" or Buzz

  • At the signal, shooters cease firing. A winner has been identified.

  • "Unload and Show Clear"

  • Shooters lock their slides open or open their cylinders and show the RSO an empty chamber.

  • "Slide Forward, Hammer Down, and Holster"

  • Once the firearm is deemed clear, the shooters will dry fire their firearm and reholster or recase their firearm.


  • Eye and ear protection

  • Pistol (.22 LR - .45 ACP)

  • Outside-the-waistband holster

  • At least 100 rounds of ammunition

  • Two (2) magazines (one in the firearm and one spare)

  • Hand-held or weapon-mounted flashlight

  • Laser aiming aid (optional)


What kind of optics/sights/aiming devices are allowed in this competition?

  • In this competition, we ask that you use whatever aiming aids you would have on your personal carry guns. Because red dot sights are becoming increasingly popular on carry firearms, these are permitted, however, race quality firearms are inappropriate for these competitions.

How will you be assessing the time that it took to complete the stage?

  • Because many of these stages have been adapted from real-world situations, most of these stages will be given a specific par time on a shot timer that reflects the amount of time that it took for the real event to unfold.


Where will the competition results be posted after the competition?

  • The competition results will be available on Facebook and on this website

Am I at any sort of disadvantage if I use a certain caliber rather than another in this competition?

  • No, we want you to come with the firearm that carry, or plan to carry, on a regular basis.