firearms course overview

It is the mission of the Independence Indoor Shooting Range Academy to provide students with unparalleled firearms education delivered by recognized expert instructors with real-world experience. 



 In these courses, students will expand their general firearms knowledge from the basic level to a well-rounded understanding. Also in this section, students will have the opportunity to become certified to apply for either a basic or Enhanced Idaho Concealed Carry Permit.


Advanced Pistol and Carbine

With these courses, students will specialize in a multitude of shooting disciplines with either pistol or carbines, enhancing their knowledge to an advanced level. Students will also enjoy the opportunity to engage in primary and secondary weapon transitions, low-light drills, and engaging multiple targets from unorthodox shooting positions.


Rifle Marksmanship

Students enrolled in these courses will have the opportunity to graduate from the basics of long-range shooting, such as, scope mounting and bore-sighting to doping a scope, ultimately enabling them to become the marksmen they have always wanted to be.  

Youth Education.jpg

Youth Firearms Education

The courses in this section will allow youth to learn about firearms and the shooting sports in an entertaining and productive style. Youth will also have the opportunity to participate in Summer Camps. America's youth are the future advocates for the Second Amendment. Thus, introducing them to firearms in a safe and wholesome manner is an obligation we take seriously. 


firearms training for persons with physical disabilities

At Independence Indoor Shooting Range, students with physical disabilities will find accessible firearm instruction and facilities and a staff eager to help them enjoy the shooting sports and give them the tools necessary for self-defense.   


Self-Defense & Medical

By developing a combat mindset, students enrolled in these courses will be better able to defend themselves and others. Students will engage in defensive firearms training, edged weapons training, and hand-to-hand combat. Also covered in this section are the psychological effects that come into play during a deadly-force encounter as well as advanced medical training centered on traumatic gunshot injuries. 


GUN-BUILDING & Maintenance

Through these courses, students will develop a deep working knowledge of the functionality of firearms. Students will enjoy building their own firearms, upgrading firearm components, and the priceless ability to properly maintain their firearm for years of use.



In these courses, students will gain a familiarity with the tools and processes that go into reloading metallic cartridges. Following these courses, students will enjoy the ability they have to improve their shooting through improved ballistic performance.  


Legal Instruction

In these courses, students will develop a broader understanding of the laws that affect the carrying of concealed firearms as well as those that can potentially endanger their freedoms following their use of deadly force.


Women-only Firearm Instruction

In these courses, our female students will find an inviting and like-minded group to discuss issues unique to women, such as clothing for concealed carry, common firearm insecurities, and general concerns. These courses are identical to those offered to our male customers, however, they will cater to the female audience. It is important to us that all of our customers are able to find a friendly and welcoming community when they enter our doors.   


Private Instruction

One-on-one instruction offers students the opportunity to expedite their education through undivided attention from an expert in the field. Students enrolled in a private instruction session will be able to grow in whatever discipline they desire. 


Active-Shooter Preparedness

This section is geared toward providing corporate, private, government, and ecclesiastical entities the opportunity to develop strategies of guarding themselves against the possible active shooter.