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Full-Auto Firearms Manipulation


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Class Duration: 4 Hours

Class Cost: $250.00

Class Fee Includes:

  • Use of four full-auto machine guns
  • 120 rounds of .223 Remington (249 SCAR and M4)
  • 60 rounds of 9mm (Glock 17 Roni)
  • 60 rounds of 7.62x39 (AK-47)
  • Targets
  • Eye and Ear protection

Prerequisite Knowledge: 

Prior to participating in this course, students should possess a knowledge of the following concepts: firearms safety, various firarms types, ammunition types and their uses, proper shooting stances, proper grip, sight alignment, trigger press, and essential range equipment.

Students lacking this knowledge should first enroll in our Basic Carbine class.

Class Description:

Students enrolled in this course will better understand the following concepts:

  • Open-Bolt and Closed-Bolt Systems
  • How to properly manipulate both systems
  • Feeding options for firearms
  • Proper stance for full-auto fire
  • How to maintain accuracy during full-auto fire
  • How to properly control the trigger in full-auto firearms

In this course, students will have the opportunity to manipulate multiple full-auto firearms.

Items Needed for Class:

  • A positive attitude
  • Eye and ear protection (clear lenses preferred)
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • Water and snacks
Later Event: May 1
The Well Armed Woman