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Unarmed Defensive Tactics Membership


Membership Term: 


Membership Meeting Times: 

Every Wednesday evening, 2 hours each session (8 hours per month)

Available Seats:

20 per membership offering

Membership Cost:

$50.00/Month (Independence Members) $65.00/Month (Non-Members) 

Membership Description:

During this training regimen, students will encounter innumerable real-world life-threatening situations, which will prepare them to fortify their minds and bodies, ultimately allowing them to develop a plan of how to react appropriately during these situations. With this training, students can look forward to developing strengths in:

  • Combat Psychology
  • Close Quarters Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Efficiency of Movement
  • Neutralizing threats without a firearm
  • Creating distance   

The course material includes concepts and techniques from:

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Krav Maga
  • Military and Law Enforcement (LE) hand-to-hand combat

Items Needed for training sessions: 

  • A positive attitude
  • Water and food
  • Athletic clothing

Membership Commitment: 

This membership will be capped at twenty students. If a student wishes to relinquish their membership, they can do so at any time without penalty fees, however, in the event of a vacancy, the first person on the membership waiting list will be given the opportunity to fill that vacancy and the person who dropped the membership, will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list if they wish to re-register. A registration fee will NOT be collected for this membership.

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