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Intermediate Pistol


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Class Duration: 4 Hours

Class Cost: $100.00

Class Description:

Students enrolled in this course will:

  • How to draw and re-holster a pistol in a safe manner.
  • Learn multiple ready positions and their applications. 
  • How to reload a pistol using the speed reload and tactical reload. 
  • How to clear common malfunctions.  
  • How to maintain shot accuracy while moving
  • How to maintain shot accuracy while engaging multiple targets

Items Needed for Class: 

  • A positive attitude
  • Eye and Ear protection (clear lenses and ear muffs preferred)
  • Semi-auto pistol and at least two (2) magazines
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Strong-side outside-waistband holster that covers trigger guard
  • Belt
  • Magazine carrier (preferably without flaps)
  • Pistol Rug or Range Bag for pistol transportation to the Range
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • Water and snacks