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"This was one of the best classes!  Bill did an excellent job - he was amazing; great instructor!!!!. Time just flew; had fun while at the same time, learned.  I also enjoyed the timer he used on us to time our speed and to see how we shot.



"Please thank Jim again for a great lesson. He's given me the right techniques and habits to practice over the summer.  I'll reach out after Labor Day for a follow up."



"Hi Jessica and Sarah,

Tell Dennis and Mike thanks for all their patience and guidance. I had a fantastic time learning new skills with both of them giving me the corrections needed to make those targets ping. What a thrill! It was also nice having both of you and Melodi watching out for me and being my support group and cheering section. I love you gals!!!

Who would've thought that at my age I'd be on my belly in the desert for two days, shooting at targets over 500 yds. out? Certainly not my kids! (Those poor girls won't get any money when I die, just an arsenal of guns.)

I thought long range shooting would be a one-and-done activity, but now I'm thinking that's just not the case. 

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to step out of my comfort zone." 



After you giving me some advice when I couldn't even hit the target, this was all my shooting after your advice!

Thank you, I’m still going to sign up for sessions with you. 
 Thank you again."


"The course was definitely one of the most comprehensive and in-depth courses I have taken.  I have taken three of my daughters through hunter safety classes and have personally taken hunter safety instructor training.  Your course is more thorough than these.   I don't know for sure, but I might take  the Defensive Pistol course later in the future.  I also like your 100 yard indoor rifle range as well."  


"Hello Jessica:


Please let Bill, Jim, and LeRoy know that I think they did an outstanding job. Who am I to say? 

Credentials include:

Current:               Certified NRA Pistol Instructor

Former:                State of California Hunter Safety Instructor

                              Board of Directors, FBI Citizen’s Academy

                              Board of Directors, Sacramento Police Foundation.

                              Over 100 hours of firearms training

                              Countless days hunting waterfowl, upland, and big game.


I would like to become a better Pistol Marksman.  Are there any coaches available?  Classes?  LeRoy gave me some great tips.


Thanks for all you do.  And keep up the good work!





"Thank you for reaching out. I have to admit that before I attended the course, I had very low expectations that I was going to enjoy the class (I was going to appease my husband) and I was not looking forward to sitting there the 8 hours. Having said that, I had the best time. Bill and Jim held my attention and made the class entertaining while sharing quality information and sharing personal stories. The time flew by and I have already recommended this class to several of my friends.


So to answer your question on if there is anything that could make the course better, from my perspective, it was perfect. I don’t know what I would change.


Have a great day Jessica,"


"Yes, I very much enjoyed the AR-Build class and am getting my 24 year old son enrolled in a couple of pistol courses and the maintenance class as well. 


Thanks so much!"


"I thought Cody did great and can't wait to take more classes at IIS!"



"I've been coming to this range for about 8 months now and I love it. Been to other ranges and this one is a step above the rest. In joining the ladies shooting club at the range I have become a more confident and competent shooter and my eyes have been opened to completely new experiences! The staff are amazing! Patient, friendly and helpful. Even if you don't know much about guns they WANT to help you.

Since joining the group I not only improved my pistol shooting but was able to shoot the M107 Barrett .50 cal which now has me interested in taking the long range marksmanship course and the AR basic class.

I'm hooked! I feel confident, excited and determined. Think I found a new passion & hobby"


"A student of mine found out about their rug skinning class and showed great interest in taking the class; she is an 11 year old 5th grader. I helped her guardian get her signed up, told her about the amazing instructor, and encouraged her to get her hands "dirty." That alone pumped her up for this class. Once we got her signed up and the instructor, Barrett, caught wind that a child was going to be in his class, he went above and beyond for her to make sure she had a good experience. Barrett made sure the content he taught was understandable to my student, he made sure to answer as many of her questions as possible, and encouraged her to be as hands on as possible (which wasn't difficult because this girl is not afraid to learn in any capacity). She took this class last week and I am STILL hearing all about the class and how much she enjoyed learning from the instructor. Barrett has ignited such an interest in hunting and skinning that she is signing up for another one of his skinning class in August. I would highly encourage anyone that has children interested in hunting to take this class, you won't be disappointed!"


"Very impressed with the shop! Firearms are relatively new to me and I was there to sign up for some classes. Very informative, and "Jessica" in particular took the time to break down course description and assist me in signing up for a couple to start with. Looking forward to learning more and it makes a HUGE difference walking into unfamiliar surroundings this serious in nature when you are made to feel welcome. Thank you Jessica, and thank you Independence !"


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