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Our women's classes are not "delicate flower" versions of co-ed classes! The women's classes use the same curriculum taught the same way, just in a women-only environment. Why is this important? Because many (not all, but many) women feel less intimidated and more comfortable taking firearms courses with other women.

We have found that female students that don't have a preference (women's only vs. co-ed) often end up pleased that they took the women's only course for a variety of reasons. These are our most popular courses and we strive to offer them to accommodate different schedules. Most of our women's classes are also led by female instructors. Basic pistol curriculum is listed below:

Basic pistol is a great class for beginners or shooters who would like a refresher. There is much more to shooting than just pulling a trigger, and this course will cover much of what you need to know to get started. In this class, focus will be on: 

  • Universal firearm safety rules

  • Types of handguns (including revolvers)

  • Ammunition (types, calibers)

  • Firearm nomenclature

  • Fundamentals including grip, stance, sight alignment & trigger control

  • Loading & unloading

  • Range rules & etiquette


By the end of this course, students will be able to safely identify critical components of a handgun, be able to safely load, fire, and unload their handgun, and make effective shots at close distance. In addition, upon completion, students will know what they need to know, and they will have a much better idea of what knowledge is necessary to use a gun safely.

Rental guns are free for this course, please notify your instructor that you would like to rent a gun and we will take care of it for you. Ammunition for rental guns must be purchased in-store.
No caliber requirement.  

Independence Indoor Shooting (IIS) Course Cancellation Policy: Refunds cannot be given for any class. If you must cancel a class, credit for the cost of the course will be applied to your IIS account. Classes may be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 48 hour advance notice with no fees; cancelling or rescheduling within 48 hours before class will incur a $25 late reschedule fee. No-shows or day-of cancellations eliminate a seat in the class and will not receive a refund or credit, nor will the class fee be held.

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $105

Class size: 7 students max

Prerequisites: none

Required Equipment:

  • Eye & Ear Protection (Electronic Ear Protection preferred)

  • Semi-automatic handgun or revolver (rentals available, read below)

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

Co-ed Classes Available

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