Working in the Shooting Industry 

Its a wonderful thing when you get the opportunity to go to work and love what you do!  It is also amazing to work in a place that brings people so much fun and excitement. We are looking for people that are passionate about the firearms industry, love the sport of shooting, and love making people happy. Our mission is to provide a service that entertains, educates, and protects our community. If you are interested in joining our family here at Independence please complete the form below. We will keep your information on file and contact you for an interview when we have available positions in our staff.

We are currently looking for: 

  • Range Safety Officers: Our RSO's are in charge of the safety of everyone in the ranges and the care of our facility. We can provide on the job training and certifications. You must be able to have a sharp eye for new shooters, or for people that need help handling firearms safely. Experience helps, ie. Veteran, Law Enforcement, and/or Sport Shooting background. 
  • Pro Shop Staff: We are looking for incredibly friendly people excited about the firearms industry. Our Pro Shop staff will help customers enjoy the sport of shooting and help them find right shooting products. 
  • Gunsmiths: Looking for experienced or apprentice gunsmiths. Our services will include, machining, Cerakoting, custom builds, and more. Must have some experience or training. 
  • Academy Instructors:  Looking for experienced firearm, first aid, self-defense, and/or like discipline instructors. Many of our classes are in the evening and weekends. Enjoy training students in a comfortable and beautiful classroom with the use of our safe and state-of-the-art indoor range. 
  • Clerical Staff: It takes a lot of wonderful and hardworking people to help operate an amazing facility like this one. If you love shooting and you have clerical experience, we have positions in bookkeeping, inventory management, procurement, and marketing. 
  • Range Safety Volunteers: If you have a little time in your schedule and you love helping people shoot, we are looking for a few Range Safety Volunteers. You must have some experience helping people shoot.  You will receive some training. For your time as a volunteer, you will enjoy free range and training time, as well as special Pro Shop discounts. 

Independence is an equal opportunity employer and we are a proud employer of our U.S. Veterans!

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