Academy Memberships and Weekly Training Overview

As it is the mission of the Independence Academy to empower our students by entrusting them with unparalleled firearms education delivered by subject matter experts, we, furthermore, desire to offer them uninterrupted training, thus expediting their personal goals for self-defense and firearms proficiency. The following memberships have been designed due to popular demand and we look forward to offering even more options in the future.  


Biweekly Firearms Proficiency Drills

During these biweekly engagements and training drills, students can look forward to gaining and maintaining increased knowledge and experience in:

  • Intermediate level firearms skills
  • Advanced level firearms skills
  • In-depth firearms maintenance
  • Force-on-force training
  • Low-light training
  • And much more......

Unarmed Defensive Tactics Membership

On a weekly basis, for two hours a session, students will develop the tools necessary to prepare and leverage their minds and bodies to react appropriately during life threatening situations. With this training, students can look forward to developing strengths in:

  • Combat Psychology
  • Close Quarters Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Efficiency of Movement
  • Neutralizing threats without a firearm
  • Creating distance

Youth Firearms Experience Membership

Through engaging and interactive science experiments, drills, expert instruction, and trigger time, the youth in this membership will have unprecedented access to one-of-a-kind firearms training, such as: 

  • Firearms' cycle of operations
  • Firearm care and maintenance
  • Ballistics experiments 
  • Gallery and competition style shooting